Create Positive Spending

Plan For Unwanted Spending

By Kevin Smith

Plan For Unwanted Spending

Unwelcome Spending

You work hard for your money and you want it to be there to support you in some of the things you enjoy in life.  How do you respond when the car suddenly has to go in for repairs or your monthly bills come in and your hard earned money now has to support your life necessities?  Do you feel robbed by high utility bills, loans, and credit card debt?  Is the experience frustrating, upsetting, or indifferent with dishing out money to meet financial obligations?

You may feel annoyed or feel that your day is ruined by the financial demands of unexpected spending created by small unwanted circumstances.  However, the unwelcome spending is probably not going to alter the course of your life or change your habits.  You most likely will not spend the rest of your life resenting these unpleasant moments.  Many financial professionals will often tell you to create an emergency fund just for unexpected and unwanted spending.  You might have done a really good job following the principle of setting aside money for the small upsets in life.  What do you do when you wake up one morning and the flow of your money is suddenly cut off for the next few years?  The economy and the world you have always known suddenly collapses.  Does that mean your personal economy has to die as well or can you thrive in the midst of chaos?

Stress Free Money

Stress Free Response

You may not be able to control the circumstances showing up in your life, however, there is a way to control the influence and level of impact they have on you.  Time is something you can create with good money habits.  The more time you create ahead of undesirable circumstances the better you can respond when they show up.  In times of financial distress you can relax and experience calmness knowing that you already purchased the time needed to adjust to circumstances.  When everyone around you is reacting in chaos you can continue on your current money path unaffected by the world around you feeling confident that your personal economy is stable and your financial situation is already handled.  Your preparation leaves you out of reaction mode and stress free.

Kevin Smith has thrived and relaxed in a chaotic world as a result of his money habit skills.  He brings years of experience to his clients seeking help to get ahead of potential undesirable circumstances and wanting to continue the lifestyle they enjoy in any economic environment.  Discover how you can live your money path in the midst of a perilous economy.  Contact Kevin Today!