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Kevin Smith // January 8  
Empty Piggy Bank

It is so easy to do.  You know income from that sale you made is coming your way or money from your regular paycheck will hit your bank account soon.  Today, your financial resources are running low.  You are being pulled into a decision to spend your future income today.  What do you do?  For many people their credit card is their savings account.  The habit of borrowing against future income eventually catches up to them.  Getting ahead of your spending can be a real challenge when more of your disposable income goes towards the cost of using other people's money.

Imagine a lifestyle of putting your head on the pillow at night and money is not even a thought or a worry.  What kind of life will you have when you are no longer working to pay bills and struggling to make ends meet?

Full Piggy Bank

Staying Ahead of Your Spending

One of the secrets to staying ahead of your spending is to spend all of your income from "today" into your savings.  The money you spend today is income from "yesterday" or sometime in the past.  The habit of spending "old" money from the past allows you to spend "new" money from today into savings for the "future".  In other words, you are always spending your savings.  Never your current income. 

Understanding where and how your income fits into your spending is the key to creating good money habits and a better night's sleep.  When your income is not staying ahead of your spending  it is time to tweak your spending cycle.  It's time to get the help of a financial coach.

For nearly half a century Kevin Smith has devoted part of his life to creating a well designed money path guided by successful habits around spending income.  Using his years of experience he continues to guide his clients in the design of their unique money path and creating the lifestyle freedom they desire.  Click Here to discover the secrets to designing your money path today.

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