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Kevin Smith // February 8  
Credit Under Water

A current client came to me a few years ago and did not understand at that time why I was showing a credit balance on his financials when he paid his full balance due every month.  Like many people he was not thinking about his revolving balance.  He was meeting his minimum balance requirements to avoid interest charges.

A creditor does not want you to think about all of the money you actually owe them.  It is an opportunity for them to make money off of you.  You are financially obligated to them even if you are not paying interest right now.  They know it is just a matter of time before you miss a due date or get behind in your personal cashflow.  Once they got you it can be hard to recover.  Especially if you are not aware you need to pay more than your balance to make the interest stop.  How much more is anybody's guess and one you might get wrong.  Imagine the frustration of trying to pay off a debt that seemingly can never be paid.

What if instead of looking at your credit as a way to delay payment of money spent, you could use it as a resource to help you not overspend?

Piggy Credit Card Game

How often do you pay your credit card bill?  That may seem like an odd question.  The less often you pay down your spending the more control you give a creditor over your money path.  Kevin Smith enjoys playing a little game with credit card companies.  A game to help keep your spending in check.  You are invited to participate in the game of "revolving zero".

How do you know if you are overspending?  In the game of "revolving zero" due dates and closing dates do not matter.  Let's assume you spend frequently on a weekly basis, your goal is to pay your entire spending balance at least two or three times per week.  If you find you are waiting for more money to come in or you need to pull money from savings, then it is likely you are spending beyond your monthly income.

To learn more about the game of "revolving zero" or receive help positioning your money to win the game on a weekly basis contact Kevin Smith and live a lifestyle free of a creditor's financial control.

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